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Discussion in 'Other Vehicle Discussions' started by IntimidatorR/T, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Well the Dealer finally got a good working radio installed in the 2016 Grand Cherokee.... took dam near 4 months but after dealing with Chrysler customer service and 3 radios. they send a out a new one vin# coded and all, even got the Sat radio working which was the first problem,(you know that 1 free year you are suppose to get) well, now Sirius doesn't want to give us the 4 months we lost out of cause the radio was bad. [​IMG] they said it was activated Oct 12th, hell we didn't buy the car till Oct 14th! and if the first radio wasn't receiving any sat signal, how could they activate it? funny **** right there..... anyways, looks like I will call Chrysler customer service again to see if they can put a foot up Sirius ass and get the 4 months that we missed out on...... only time will tell.

    remember, its a free 1 year service, [​IMG]!

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