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Dec 29, 2014
Sep 23, 2009
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Dec 6, 1992 (Age: 28)
Pineville, LA

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Challenger Life Moderator, 28, from Pineville, LA

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Dec 29, 2014
    1. Debwal
      :birthday:Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope it's the best one EVER!:rockout:
    2. bengalipunk
      Well done Chris! Love your car up close that is a great car you have ;)
    3. Debwal
      Sorry I told you the wrong thing to do with the remote. Mine was on the car when I got it and you do have to put your foot on the break and push the button to get mine out of park... Warning to if you window is down and your door is locked dont reach in to unlock. My alarm goes off and wont stop for at least 2 min. Its happend twice....
      Have a good weekend!
    4. Dodgefan10
      Morning Chris. I'm John (aka Dodgefan10) My brother is in Pineville. : ) He is military, and a colonel.. Just got off the dyno yesterday here in the Dallas area. 2010 R/T 5.7 auto - 336 hp, 370 tq. Wondered if you thought that mids with high flow cats would be worth it without the shorty's and, if it will still pass emmissions test? Do they check in La.? Am thinking about a custom tune as well...thoughts? Thanks much for the input... : ) Have a good one.
    5. itzrick
      Chris Thanks for posting something on the club website but when I try to retreave it it says no messages. Tell Frank thanks too
    6. itzrick
      Chris, Been waiting to see you show up on the other place but haven't. If what you were talking about was joining up your club, I'ld like that but can't be real active because I work 50 hours a week and it's not much differant to go to DFW than BR. You gave me the name of a couple people running your club a month ago but don't think you gave me their email and if you did I don't still have it. Can you talk it over with them and if their intrested please send me their email address.
    7. IntimidatorR/T
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
    8. idmtfirefighter
      Hitten up my friend list with personal Merry Christmas wishes

    9. demonbydesign
      lol It's a Shirley Temple, so don't be thinkin' I'm gonna contribute to underage alcohol usage! lol
    10. demonbydesign
      Thanks! You sent me a smiley bearing gift? What's in the box? Can I shake it? What if I make a guess will you tell me if it's a TC? lol!!!
    11. demonbydesign
      To all my good friends I may be early to say, but don't care anyway:xmas:...Merry Christmas Chris!
    12. demonbydesign
      Offer him to take yours down the track in return. lol

      I was hoping to take Mikes car down the track last weekend with my DRs on it but he had to leave early for a birthday party. Believe me he's a cool guy! He keeps insisting I take it for a pass in the spring.

      If you and I ever met Chris, I'll let you take Candy-O for a pass.
    13. demonbydesign
      I'll let you know what Josh says once I do.

      You know that would be awesome for you to drive his car! Desant89/Mike wants me to drive his Maggie charged Challenger down the track one time so I can get a feel for how a SC pulls down the 1/4mile.

      Spring is a long time away my friend. :(
    14. demonbydesign
      Your technically out of warranty tell them.

      What is a PI? All I know is that I'll probably have some long talk with Josh/HHP about it come near spring...or maybe after the holidays I'll start picking his brain about what will be my next move.
    15. demonbydesign
      So is a 3200 a nice streetable one? How much are we looking at for these? Oh and is a Torque converter the same as a Stall converter only different name?
    16. demonbydesign
      If you beat my PB your damn right things will change. It's called modding up! lol
    17. demonbydesign
      You know Demon loves ya! :rockout:
    18. Debwal
      :birthday:Happy birthday! Better late than ever! Hope it was the best one yet!
    19. DC R/T
      DC R/T
      Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    20. Theresa
      Yea, you guys and your gadgets/mods. I won't even try to keep up! :lol: Have a great day, birthday guy!
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    Dec 6, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Pineville, LA


    1/4 PB:
    12.450 @ 107.64 :rockout: