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Jun 5, 2017
Apr 29, 2010
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Chicago Suburbs: North
Techical Marketing Leadership

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escape velocity

Member, from Chicago Suburbs: North

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Jun 5, 2017
    1. escape velocity
      escape velocity
      Build date: May 26, 2010. Where have three years gone?
      Still have her. Not too active on blogs.
      Bring her to couple of shows in the Chicago Area once in awhile.
    2. demonbydesign
      Naw, I actually prefer they don't spend a dime so I don't want to give them a reason to spend it. I'll get one myself and put stickers on it and personalize it, make it "cool". heh

      That damn 'Cuda thread/'Cuda talk is killing me now!
    3. demonbydesign
      I doubt I'll get the mods I really want lol. But I did throw out to my wife that if the kids want to get me something for the car I'd like a helmet for the track. (I'm wasting $3 a pop renting it...and putting my head at risk of lice! eek)
    4. demonbydesign
      Have a Merry Christmas EV!!!
    5. demonbydesign
      You said you, "slipped in and out". You lived up to your name...escaped with velocity. :rofl:
    6. demonbydesign
      Are you going to the "unlawful gathering" you mentioned? Keep me posted if you went and post pics if you did! Later!
    7. demonbydesign
      If you go to that event I'm sure you'll represent the Challenger faithful well with your white demon!
    8. demonbydesign
      Just checkin' in on some of my friends. You good? :)
    9. notsure
      The movie changed my life in many ways as well ! Almost two years ago I sold the sequel for Vanishing Point to a writer/director.
      10 years of research,Hell I bought a car Challenger and drove it cross country only stopping for gas no sleep to feel what kowalski was feeling.Massive amounts of passion went into my script and finally it sold.Will it be made? Maybe once the lawyers styop shitting on the project and distribution rights.I was finally paid that is all that counts I bought my car as a reward to all the suffering I went thru pushing my script.
      Im working on a new project surrond the first race on Rt 66.
      Get this,it was a foot race across country!
      Then back again! People died!
      PT Barnum's good friend planned the event and staved the runners as he drove in one of the first motorized custom coaches built.
      It was epic stuff back then.

      VP was in some minds a crappy B flick. Not mine, there where so many messages to be learned in the film!
      The first one is dont freak out when two moter cycle cops pull alongside you. It can end you life..LOL.
      We have a caravan heading to spring fest this March 2010 stopping on the way home to take pics at super souls old radio station in Gold field Nevada.
      So far me ,70 T/A ,buckwheat,dwjhog(from CT),and warrior 7 from Ct as well.More to be added to that list it gonna be a blast. If you wanna check out the baddest Mopar show on the planet and see some stars and cruise with so-cal challenger club let me know man.
      As I have said before nice place you guys have here.
    10. notsure
      kowalski lives ..Love the ride man!
    11. escape velocity
      escape velocity
      Thanks for visiting and looking around. I'm happy to share details via PM or direct you to my FB profile if you do the same.
    12. idmtfirefighter
      Sweet looking bright white R/T there.
    13. escape velocity
      escape velocity
      yes, brought it home last night. I'm posting the trip home story tonite with more photos.
    14. sickr bee
      sickr bee
      Judging by pictures, your cars HERE! Sweet!
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    Chicago Suburbs: North
    Techical Marketing Leadership
    Had a 1978 Dodge Challenger (by Mitsubishi). 4 cylinder "rice burner". Not even close to Hemi, let alone a Semi.
    Had a pretty cool interior at the time.


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