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Sep 22, 2016
Sep 14, 2009
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Alexandria, LA
Auto Tech

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Well-Known Member, from Alexandria, LA

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Sep 22, 2016
    1. idmtfirefighter
      well Jax your request was granted. you got my light hearted and supposed to be fun post deleted. Guess the spineless mods here dance to your tune. congrats, good job. Not sure why I came back to this site...it's barely more than a "members only" club for about a half dozen people at best
      1. JaxHemi
        Yeah, piss off because nobody liked you anyway. Find a forum where you can hijack threads to your hearts content.
        Sep 20, 2014
      2. Houdini
        Spineless mods? You can't seriously think your rust bucket post should have stayed. It would have been removed anyway - it was not an entry for the contest, it was a "public service announcement." There are other threads that could've gone in. Feel free to re-post it in an appropriate thread.
        Sep 21, 2014
    2. JaxHemi
      Got the money with me Dean, drop by the shop tomorrow (Friday) and pick it up.
    3. drhoward
      Hey Jack I plan to stop by your work Friday about 3 or so to pick up that money your holding from Dave. Seems like everytime I make it to town I dont make it over to your work. Drop me a line and let me know if that will work for you.
    4. Debwal
      New mod....hmm is it headers??? :tease:
    5. Debwal
      Hey Jack,
      Hope you hand is healing fast!
      I gotta another tire question for ya! My Nitto tires I had them installed at the dodge dealer. I noticed last nite he put 45# air n both tires. My goodyears on the front are 32... Does that sound right to You? =)
    6. JaxHemi
      Disconnect battery, there are 4 screws behind the wheel that release the air bag assembly. Pull it away from the wheel, un-hook the connectors, take it to a table and carefully remove the 3 star washers that hold the emblem on through the cover. Add new emblem, install is the reverse of removal. Take your time unplugging the airbag connectors, they are easy once you see how they plug in. Good luck!

    7. Persephone1187
      Jax, that would be great If you could send the instructions!
    8. IntimidatorR/T
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. :merryxmas::bigchristmasgift:
    9. demonbydesign
      I hear you. My baby has been in the garage now about 2 weeks and it's starting to kill me! It's why I asked about the battery tender subject post. Too much salt still on the roads here and snow expected for Christmas weekend. ****!
    10. demonbydesign
      I want to make sure I get this in in time.

      Merry Christmas Jack! :santa:
    11. notsure
      The PC cars at Cfest took the show!!
    12. demonbydesign
      Who's car is the purple with black wheels in your Challengerfest album? That looks angry! yeeees

      I also like the HO with double race stripes too. Who dat?
    13. demonbydesign
      Hey Jax! Your car is impressive as hell buddy. Good job. I'm also wondering who's car is that in picture #26 of your challengerfest album? I like the way it sits and the tire fatness.
    14. 4SAKEN
      So where and when are we meeting on april 11 for the track?
    15. JBUDA
    16. JaxHemi
      I'll call Tire Rack tomorrow, I get a discount. I may be getting home late tomorrow evening, but at some point in the day I will give you what info I have. Sunday morning at 0700 sounds good to me, I will figure out where you should meet up.
      Kidney huh? I have a seldom used left nut I will give for a S/C.......
    17. JBUDA
      Jack, Talked to SHR today, Sun is good, you want to meet in Lafayette around 0700, that gives us 2hs to make it there by 0900, I think its about two hours from there give or take.

      Also what prices can you get on BFG TA KDW's 295/40/20 and 245/40/20, tire rack has them for 197.00 for the 295's and 154.00 for 245's., can you get good prices on tpms as well. Let me know, I have to sell a kidney so I can get some rubber for the Hurst's on order.
      Hope you are feeling better......
    18. JBUDA
      Jack, dont know if my addy will work since its a fairly new street but here it is...
      101 Maverick st Deridder LA 70634, if it doesnt show up try Apaloosa street, it is the next one down. or give me a call for old fasion directions....337-658-0849
    19. mooreg
      The Super Track Pack just recently came out but called salesman to add it. He did not call me back on this so am assuming it was added. I know they are not making yellow yet so probably had time to add this.
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    Alexandria, LA
    Auto Tech
    Born on the bayou, raised in a cave....
    Driving my Challenger is all I crave.


    Devil Dawg
    12.369 @ 109.48 w/ 1.738 60'
    Stock with a few bolt-ons and a really good set of track shoes.
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