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1st Challenger Purchase

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I bought my first Challenger... a 2009 S/E in June, 2009 here's the story:

My job requires an extensive amount of travel within the confines of the state and I generally drive about 2,000-5,000 per month depending on where I'm working. In June, 09 my Avalanche was approaching 100,000 miles and I decided if I stopped using it for work it would pull my boat around until the end of my days.

I started looking at cars and settled on a Charger as my next work vehicle. I went to a dealership nearby where I happened to be staying that night to test drive a Charger. I did and was impressed enough to walk inside to talk numbers.

As we were walking into the showroom I happened to glance down at the sticker on a white SE/G expecting to see $40,000+. Instead I saw $26,000 and asked if that was a joke. I had no idea you could purchase a Challenger for under $40K.

The Charger plans began to fade into the distance. For the next couple of weeks I looked at Challengers and debated the SE vs the R/T and finally decided the SE made more sense as a daily driver expecting to clock 100,000 or more in 4 years or less.

After shopping around different dealers and being lied to more times than I can count, I finally decided on the first white SE I had seen at the first dealer. I called them up and said I wanted the car and they told me they had sold it the day before.

I went shopping around some more and couldn't find "the deal" so I decided to wait and buy a 2010. Then I read the lifetime powertrain was going away for 2010 so I decided 2009 was the way to go since this was going to be a high mileage car.

Around this time, which was about two months after I first walked into the dealership looking at Chargers, the salesman called me and told me they had a red one that I "should come look at".

I purchased this car for under $25,000.

About two months after I purchased the car we were unexpectedly issued company cars. I had put 11,000 miles on the SE in July and August alone. Once we were issued cars I had put another 1000 miles on the car in the next 5 months.

In February, 2010 I traded my beautiful SE in on an R/T 6 speed. The dealership parked my trade-in SE between 5 Challengers they've had for over six months.

The next day it was gone.

It was purchased locally and a few weeks ago I ran into the new owner. She had a silver SE she traded in for my inferno SE.

The inferno SE with the addition of the go-wing, gas cap and wheels was the sharpest car I've ever owned.... and that's including my TorRed R/T.

My reason for trading... well I didn't need a daily driver and I have plans for the R/T. Kenne Bell doesn't make parts for the V-6 so I needed a V-8 platform for those plans :D
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