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"The Morning I Got Outta Bed."

Well, it was the first day of my vacation. It seemed like
just another morning when I awoke. But this time, I didn't
have to face work. . . . . .
At first, I woke up and just laid there thinking about what
I was going to do with my entire day ahead of me. All of the
sudden, and I don't know why this struck me, but I thought,
"Perhaps I'll get out of bed." I know it seems crazy now, but
I was just in that particular mood where anything seemed
I got up rather quickly, and only later on did I stop to
consider what I have done. And yes, I was proud. Perhaps
now I have even paved the way for other men. I sat in the
easy-chair for hours thinking about what I could possibly do
today. I even thought, "I know, I'll go outside and sit in the
rocker-chair and do some thinking." After all, it was a very
beautiful day. So, I thought some more.
Gosh darn! I even thought about what I was thinking.
"There must be something I can do today." I went inside and
paced my floors back & forth, thinking of something. Before I
knew it, all of my thinking was interrupted by the sound of
eleven chimes coming from my clock. Damn! It was bedtime....
Oh well, tomorrow is another day.... All that thinking made me
tired. I guess the most satisfying thought was that perhaps it
might be a little bit more easier for me. . . . . Next Time.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring. . :waving:
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