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2009 Paragon Casino Car Show

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entry has been paid and my room has been reserved ;) :thumbupleft:
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My entry is paid as well............:thumbupright:
I need to get on that! lol
I am hoping to invest in one of them new digital video cameras before the show. If not I still have my Nikon camera, but I need to get a vid camera before my son graduates from McNeese.
I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for that video cam. Dave, your bottle of Black Cherry came in today, I also ordered a bottle of Strawberry Sheen for tires if you or anyone wants one. I'll look at the invoice for the cost.

cool. havent had a chance to sample the one you gave me. gets friggen dark by the time I leave work. :mad: going to try to try some at lunch time tomorrow.

got to get my challenger emblem off my door panel before they replace it friday. Put the one back on my spoiler today.
Thinking of adding a little underhood bling in time for the show, film at 11

well, changed my mind on the door panel till next week, If I do it now I wont have enough daytime to work on it. so next week wont be a problem.

Jack? more bling huh? :bigcamera:
Yeah, I love how my sweet, pretty R/T has become this menacing and dark hoodoo biotch. Dave is helping me with the metamorphosis yeehaw!

I have the green light for the burn out competition!
I have the green light for the burn out competition!
LMAO!!! Got permission huh? :neener: :dance:

I am still debating about it....... guess mine will be a game time decision. :think:
That's great news Chris! Is Derrick (sic?) coming to the show? The more Challengers in the burnout competition,the better the chances a Challenger could take the win. We can take turns holding the camera lol. Oh, and Dave, you're not fooling anyone, you got "permission" too :neener:

No, he wont be making it. My step sister is coming into town this weekend so he'll be spending time with her. He was actually gonna go to the fight at the paragon before and spend the night. So now I'll be going to the fight, but I wont be spending the night. So I'll still be meeting up with you guys, where do y'all plan on meeting?

And Dave-yes I had to get permission! lol Dereck said it was fine since I am getting new tires soon hah :neener:
Also Dave, I don't know if Jack and I remembered to tell you, but your right fog light (left if your looking at them) had a bit of condensation in the lights. Might want your dealer to check it out next week when you take her to get the molding on the window replaced.
We were thinking about meeting up at the McDonalds on MacArthur, maybe getting a little something to eat. I think if we leave Alex around 7:30-7:45, we can make it in time to find a spot large enough for us all. Registration is between 8 and 9am.

Sounds good! See you guys there
I didnt know about the light till after I washed the car this afternoon and saw it. So that will be on the agenda when I take it in next week. Thanks ;)

See you in Rosepine bright and early, 0530 still good for ya.......

See you in Rosepine bright and early, 0530 still good for ya.......
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....................:eek:ldtimer:
0530.... may have to pack a pillow and blanket for the wife that early though.....:z:
0530 will be my rise time. I'm a slow starter, NOTHING happens until I've had my coffee. I'll be turning in early and yes Jason, I'm getting old :eek:ldtimer:
haha. Car is all shined up, tank is full, old tires are on, trunk is packed. Is Staggs making it? Here's a tentative list so far, I will include him.


'da Prez
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