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2013 challnger r/t dead

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Ok yall, heres the situation. Car threw codes P0456 (evap small leak), P0345 (cam position sensor), and P2172 (high airflow/vacuum leak instantaneous accumulation). All permanent codes I couldn't delete with my scanner. Took to dealer service and they said it probably broke timing chain or gear, mechanic didn't see sensor ring turning during cranking. Engine has just under 82000 miles. When car died, i was cruising around 70-75mph. Engine made no noise or and indication of any problem before hand, it just like you turned the key off. Was told it was a non free wheeling engine so internal damage to piston/valve possible. If no holes or damage to pistons, could heads just be rebuilt and new timing chain? Should I replace? Anyone got a 6.4 they want to get rid of? I just can't believe with 82000 miles and have a catastrophic failure. Thanks for reading and any advice
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there was a recall back inthe day for timing chains especially cars with automatic trans, I have a 2009 RT and did the recall on mine. yoiu may want to check into that.
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