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Being an IT person, I contacted Dodge with questions about the limits of the SD Card. Some of you may know that simply putting 2500 songs on a card will not typically work. I have a 2016 SXT Plus.

When I spoke with them, they stated 32G Maximum, Class 2-8, Max 256 Folders on Root, Max 2500 Songs.

Knowing technology, I decided to go off the reservation and purchased a SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 card from Amazon for $11.00 SDSDUNC-032G-GN6IN. No way a faster card was not going to work and it could only be better since the transfer rates are much higher.

So I created a car library and converted all the songs to 320k Sample Rate, most were already at 320k, but I wanted to have a high quality MP3 card. I currently have 200 Folders on the Root and over 2700 songs. The card loads up almost immediately.

Playlists created with Windows Media Player 12.0.9 or higher are fully compatible. I used a free tool called MP3 Quality to bring all songs up to 320k and MusicBranz Picard to make sure all the songs had the latest metadata and ID3 Tags which basically confirms all the artwork is part of the actual MP3 file.

Folders off the Root were based upon the ARTIST NAME and all search, playlist and browsing functionality works perfectly. What is the point to streaming Bluetooth audio from your phone? What is the point to streaming using your data?

The only time I am using Bluetooth Audio is when I am in full navigation mode. I also have a similar song list on my phone, using Bluetooth Audio, I stream my Music, I have Google Maps running, which gives me the Audio Turn By turn, which interrupts as needed to give me instructions. I also have my Beltronics Smart Radar, which also has an app that talks to you. I simply put my phone inside the center console, connect it to the USB port for charging purposes, connect the Radar Detector and smart cable. All things important simply talk to me and interrupt the music as needed.

Also, if you are curious, I use an Andriod App for Music called Rocket Player by JRT Studios. It has many features, but the most important being control of what happens when a notification from another app occurs. That, combined with a Voice Setting in Google Maps allows all of this to happen perfectly and allows you to control the volumes of the 3 devices that are running simultaneously.

So basically, when I am driving around town and know where I am going, I listen to the SD card, since it is the highest quality and when on a trip where I don't know where I am going, I go Bluetooth with the apps described and simply listen to instructions from Google Maps and the Beltronics/Escort Radar app.

Have Fun.
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