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70 Dodge Challenger on Autobahn

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1970 Dodge Challenger on Autobahn

Some high speed testdriving on the German autobahn

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OMG!!! :bigwow:and it sounds like he had the thing running open headers too. That is way too awsome!!! :bigbowing:
Update: He's done it again. This time his camera is mounted on glasses, I believe.
THAT has got to be exhilarating - if only we could do this I-75. :lol:

would have been nice to see him blow some doors off of some of those cars he was passing, but it looks like he was holding back.:ballandchain:
This is so cool. What was the cruise speed?

Yes, I need glasses.
I caught a decent blur of red in the speedometer that looked to be at about 130. Hard to tell, though.
I may need to get my glasses checked out then.....
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I may need to get my glasses checked out then.....
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They look okay to me. :shrug:
Oh man, the memories that brings back! He lost his nerve at exactly the moment I would 130-135ish. The front end REALLY started to lift and float around right there on the first gens. I like the 2nd video where he's got the exhaust hooked up though. I like to hear what the rest of the car is doing as well. AWESOME videos!
:cool::bigthumbsup: I remember my dad being PISSED that his 1968 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe was being passed on the Autobahn at 120
This guy has got a lot of really cool videos up. Check out High Plains Shifter.
I liked that; his Challenger in front of the chimneys with the steam moving in reverse and back down looked pretty cool - and I figured out pretty quickly the dude is into music.
You can do it on aliigator alley in SW Florida. The road is not tracked by police. But, sometimes they run police planes and put lines on the road. Just check and see if there is any lines or low flying airplanes and then let her rip! I am going to see what the V-6 can do. I know the cutoff is at 108 MPH.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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