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8500K xenon blue white fog bulbs

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these are the ones I found for Justin (and I picked up a couple for myself) - these are the metal tipped/blue glass xenons
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Thanks again for the link Ghost. I was going to put them in tonight but i ended up getting busy and ran out of day light. I have a dive tomorrow but i plan on putting them in tomorrow.
how are you adding HID headlights? just a bulb change?
They're not exactly HID. They are just xenon bulbs that burn hotter and are brighter than the factory halogens. I still havent gotten a chance to put them in yet but i will definately post some pictures of them once they are in. I think that if you want the HID's you actually have to buy the entire housing and it comes with a balast too. I have heard of guys buying the charger fog light coversion kit and that seems to work.
what kind of HID bulbs would brighten up the stock headlights? i don't want to blind people, but would like the same brightness as the factory HIDs.
BTW - Justin - did you get a chance to send my addy to your dad??
anyone having problems with these, or the CanBus system sending errors or one light out.
They re not saying anything about the anti-flicker capacitor set up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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