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Acadiana Dodge

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Got my recall letter (J21) and took it in today to Acadiana Dodge in Lafayette. They replaced it with a larger capacity battery and cable as per recall. While it was there, they performed repairs on 2 Rapid Response Bulletins it had; re-calibrated steering angle sensor, and something to do with heated seat wiring harness. Great team all the way. Took a couple of hours, looked at some cool Challengers on the lot (10 of 'em). The service manager remembered me from last March's burnout competition at Paragon Casino, he appreciated the fact I drove my car like it was intended, and said mild mods were OK, they don't get in a twist about that (good to know).While I was there, a customer took his TorRed SRT8 auto in for the recall,I gave the service manager some of our cards and asked if he would leave one in his car for me. Only one picky little gripe: I put the clips in my hood pins a certain way for the look, I noticed they were messed with when I got back to the shop to meet up with Dave. It's OK they wanted to look under the hood, yada yada, but PUT THE CLIPS BACK RIGHT!!! It's been a good day, 'Tater....:waving:
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Good to know they are okay with some mods!
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