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Anyone going to Springfest 2010?

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this has come up on other boards, Is anyone planning on attending Springfest 2010, in Irvine Cali? (March18-20)

I am actually going to make this run, along with a few Alberta members, 2 days of open road driving and 2 days of fun, events and then 2 days back.

Can't wait to get all my crap done and open her up on the I15!!
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look for a talkative/friendly guy
well I think that labels all of us hahaha, cool, I'll be sure to look for him,

as for you others, "too long" I'm driving 26hrs with a newborn, and I think some "older" members so thatlike 30 pits stops, site seeing and diaper changes hahaha
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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