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If i have put this in the wrong thread, please move it for me.

Seeing I have had a huge response from this, I figure I will post this on here as well, give you guys an opportunity as well.

There was several threads stared over brochures, those that collect them, and those that just want one, be it US or CDN.

I happen to have several Canadian Challenger 2010 brochures available for members. I'm not selling these, so I am not in this to turn any profit. The option that was mentioned and I ran with it was a donation.

My family has been enduring a tough battle with my wifes grandmother who was diagnosed with stomach and pancreatic cancer that is aggressively spreading to the point where doctors can't do anything due to her age and health. It has been a tough ordeal to watch an 86yr old woman who literally looked and acted like a 50yr old with pep and happiness, basically withering away to her current age.

anyways I figured anyone wanting a brochure, if they wanted make a donantion of any amount to my paypal account, to which ALL money would be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the members on these forums.

the brochures are sleeve sealed and shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope, and shipping into the US is pretty minimal in value, if you are interested, please pm your address info to me.

my paypal is [email protected]

the best part is that my dealership will match whatever is made from the brochures. So far we have raised $350 from members on 3 forums. :rockout:

Thanks again guys for reading this.

X's Revenge (Chris)
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