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Austin Show March 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sears Automotive on Palmer Ln is having a car show March 20 between 10-3. It is my buddies shop and he is hosting it and asked me to get all the Challengers I know there. If you know anyone else with any other type of show car please let them know to bring it out!!! Will be a fun day have a few small events planned plus a lunch provided. However if you would like to go please email him....Ricky Drake [email protected] so he can get an idea of how much food is needed. The address of the show is 12625 IH 35 Austin TX 78753. Now he told me was also inviting some camaros and mustangs so we need MOPAR support

Can someone post this for the cap Mopar club as well? Nice to get the other MOPARS there as well.

Sadly I am just starting a new job and may be in Cali for training so I may not make it.

Also anyone needing some service let him know I told him it get a bunch of MOPAR oil filters and 0w-40 oil in case some needs an oil change. These guys can be trusted with your car!!!! I have him set up a Mopar Club account so you will get a discount!!!!!!

Let him know ASAP!!!!!


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