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BAMC support the troops event

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Brooks AMC Support the troops show
I am talking with Brooks Army Medical Center about a show for the wounded soldiers healing there. Brooks is the main intake for wounded soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq and handles TBIs GSWs and amputations - along with a truly world-famous burn facility.

The show would be set up so soldiers in wheel chairs could move among the cars and sit in them with help.

I am hoping to give a little brightness and incentive to the guys going through PT for TBIs and amputations. I am also contacting other military facilities. I would hope, in time, to make this a traveling event from location to location at least three times a year

My greatest hope would be that a young man says " Wheel me back to PT - in six months I am going to WALK into a dealership and get one of these."

If you would be interested - sign in

I REALLY hope that some of the HEAVILY modded LX's out of DFW and SPACECITY would be interested
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Too far from me, but what a great plan. :clap:
Dave - I have NO doubt whatsoever that if it WAS closer to you - you'd be there!! :thumbupright:
Too far from me, but what a great plan. :clap:
same here, i would be all over that.
my corvette club used to do something similar here in NJ at the old soldiers home.... really used to cheeer the guys up:clap:
Ghost...Its chuck with the blown SRT from yesterday (came here as per you instruction :)). 1 Glad you are ok...I didnt even know you got hurt! 2 I am all over taking my car to Brooks! I will PM you my phone number so you can call me with a date. AS I said yesterday I think that is a fantastic idea....I've seen (and I know you have as well) what happens to these guys. Something as simple of sitting behind the wheel of one of these cars can give them hope. I hope the entire centex club will join!!!!!
Chuck - I really appreciate that - got the pm and saved it - and my compliments on one HELL of a pretty SRT :)
if it wasnt an 8 hour drive for me I would come. I spent a few days in that hospital with broken bones and such. My dad was stationed there from 62 to 67. I was a few blocks away from cole High School, but at tthat time I was going to the post elementary school.
Ghost...Its chuck with the blown SRT from yesterday (came here as per you instruction :)).

Hey Chuck - GLAD to see ya :thumbupleft: please post in the new member intro section to say howdy to the rest of the crew (and post a pic of that GORGEOUS car!! I LOVED the whine when you were hitting it on the cruise)

Missed this thread earlier, dunno why, but sounds like a great idea.
I took care of a lot of troops with very serious injuries like the ones you described when I was NCOIC of the trauma center at Bagram Afghanistan.
I was only at the starting point of their care and healing but know that the rehabilitive care the Docs, Nurses, and Medics provide at BAMC is truly awesome stuff.
I'm sure your efforts would be greatly appreciated by our wounded service members and the staff.
Keep us posted :thumbupleft:
You know I'm in if it's not in the time frame I teach at Ft Riley... Korea got bumped :D
I just sent a copy of these posts above (and on other forums) to Brooks Public Affairs at their request so they get a better idea of WHAT KIND of clubs we are. They also requested the links to ACLX/DFWLX/CCLX/ and SPACE CITY LX. There may be a possibility that due to security concerns - each person attending would have to pre-submit Driver's Lic and Plate BEFORE show in order to recieve VISITOR's PASS for the base
now I KNOW I am NUTS!!! Just contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety (state troopers) and asked them to lend me an intercept car for the show.
Unfortunately - just got an email from BAMC Public Affairs that due to base expansion construction - they will not be able to have the BAMC show this year :(
:bigcryingariver: well hell.. Just gives you /us more time to plan for next year..might as well add BBQ
true - I was worried about it when I ran by last week - the WHOLE site was buried under construction supplies :(

Oh Well - lets see what happens with Cowboys Dance Hall Military Appreciation Day on May 15
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