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Okay, this is the off-topic sections so here's something way off topic that I'd like some advice on.

I do a lot of work at home, including data analysis and report writing and some of that requires a significant amount of concentration.

My neighbors across the road, and I live in a semi-rural area, recently got a little dog. When they leave for the day they leave the dog out on their back porch and the dog barks continuously until they get home.

Since my office is near the front of my house I get to listen to the dog bark, continuously, all day long. I've been working on a project for 4 hours and the dog has not stopped barking once, not even for a few minutes.

My neighbors are great people, couldn't ask for better folks so I'm reluctant to cause a problem but this has reached the point of becoming unbearable.

I see my choices as waiting until the dog learns barking all day doesn't bring the owners home any sooner, talking to the owners of the dog or selling my house and moving far, far away from anyone in the country.

What would you do?

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sounds as if the dog is suffering from separation anxiety
and hasnt learned his place yet, the only thing that will
really fix that is training or to find something for him/her
to attach itself to.

as an example
my neighbors directly attached to me had a dog that would do
the same thing every time they left the house, i found that by
going in my basement and yelling for him to lay down he finally got
the picture. for some reason the sound would carry better in the

i had another friend that had the same problem with his new dog
and it took leaving him in a crate and turning the TV on all day for
the dog to stop.

since you are across the street i would suggest to them that they
get a crate and leave him in it during the day INSIDE until they
can train him but to be honest it sounds as if they shouldnt have
a dog at all as their lives sound too busy for proper care.

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darn thought it was gonna be a your dog story. I silenced a yappy papillon (endured 5 years before couldn't take it anymore) simple operation seperated his vocal cords, he still tried to bark just didn't make any noise except the sucking in of air.

If the neighbors start to get frustrated with a barking tiny dog, you can offer it as a suggestion, but most owners gasp when they hear people discuss it, but when they saw it in person they'd laugh and always comment how it was a great solution. Faced with giving the dog away, putting him down or resolving the problem, the surgery wasn't that much, (about 1/3 what we paid for the dog) we kept him 5 more years afterwards.
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