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Carbon Fiber DIY supply sources

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alot of the wrap vinyls on ebay are REALLY cheap quality (no UV - no exterior ratings - etc etc) - so beware unless you KNOW what you are looking at

I have had good experiences with the following:

For dry wrap vinyls (in orange/purple/and yellow TOO!! :)) I use these guys

Rvinyl (Mike)

and this vendor is great as well (WHO also carries ALL of the black out vinyl for your lights)

Metrostyling (Chris)

I buy CF II from tiptopsigns


For REAL carbon fiber - this is the only supplier I use - CJComposites (CHRISTINE) **she carries a Blue twill that you DWB guys would KILL for - if you do not see a color - email her and she will find it if it EXISTS**


Resin is TRICKY - for real carbon fiber, the most EXPENSIVE CF parts makers use ONE of these TWO particular epoxy systems because they have full UV - dry CRYSTAL clear - resist heat better - and DO NOT HAZE or turn dull like polyester and vinyl based resins

West Systems 105/205

and I like this one from polymerproducts (cheaper)

EAT-A-BUBBLE (MUCH safer than a butane torch - resin is HIGHLY flammable)

For EAT-A-BUBBLE the ONLY US supplier is KLOCKIT (Makes your resin pour smoother, reduces 95% PLUS of the bubbles, and makes the hardened resin coat CRYSTAL clear - also adds UV)

I also use fiberglass rollers in 1" to 3" - makes it easier to REALLY attach the CF through the first pour. I use the 1" for TIGHT corners and detail work. My 3' "Old Faithful" is

Hope this helps :) GHOST
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****GOOD TIP****

I found a good tip in the post for covering side mirrors (I think i posted it). The plastic in our engine compartments is VERY hard to get paint and CF to adhere to. I am using tip from mirror covering post - drilling a series of holes in a cover then runninga screw through them - then when you do your first pour - the resin saturates the holes and creates resin "screws" holding the covering fast
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