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Found this on a British Skyline site and figured that if I could show you that EVEN an Englishman can do it - you might not be afraid of trying it :) GHOST

How to carbon fibre / fiber D.I.Y guide
I found this guide very usefull.

Here's a guide on how to carbon overlay parts of your car.You will need the following parts -

Carbon cloth (twil looks best)
resinacetone (if u want to clean your brushes - i use cheap ones and bin them)
plenty of latex gloves
mixing pots
measuring jug
syringe (for measuring hardner)
masking tape
Sharp scissors
Some stirrers - I use wooded spatulars
emery cloth
wet n dry 400grit to 1200 grit

1) measure up your carbon cloth for the piece to be covered. Then using the masking tape tape up both sides where you intend to cut the cloth to prevent pulling the weave then cut through the middle of the tape-

2) Prep your piece to be overlayed - it should be black, if its not spray it up first so a colour doesnt show through the weave. It also needs a rub down with emery cloth.

3) brush a thin layer of resin mixed with 1% harder over the part to be overlayed then press the carbon cloth gently into place and tape up to the rear of the part to pull it into shape. You may need to change your gloves often so you dont pull the weave. Leave to dry for approx 45mins

4) Start building up thing layers of resin, you will need approx 5 layers to prevent breaking through to the cloth when sanding down. Each additional layer should be added after around 7 mins when the previous layer turns to a jelly consistency. You will now need to leave it for 1 week to fully cure-

5) you will now need to trim the excess cloth off - best tool I found was a dremmel -BEFORE:


6) Start sanding down. work your way from 400 grit up to 1200 grit wet and dry then finish with a good quality polish for a really nice shine-
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