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R/T and SRT Electrical Distribution Information

For those interested in the Electrical Distribution on your RT or SRT and
what fuse feeds what circuit(s). I have gleened some info into a page
to help out. I will be continuing to add to this page and will be creating
others in the future on more basics on our Challengers.

You can download the html document and associated pictures to a file
area on your computer. If you have not created a directory for all your
Challenger tidbits, I highly recommend you do so.

There are two primary distribution centers. One up front under the hood
to the passenger side engine area called the IPM or TIPM Integrated
Power Module, or Total Integrated Power Module. And this unit contains
a computer and is a network bridge between the high and low speed
data bus' (CAN-B and CAN-C) on the Challenger.

The other is located in the trunk area and is also called the PDC or
Primary Distribution Center and is very important as well. A warning
in the Service Manual says it should NEVER get wet. Well, duh!?

Kinda like buying coffee at MacDonalds now and seeing the warning
on the Cup, HOT COFFEE?!

Anyway, look over the information below:

Happy Modding.


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good info on the fuse boxes. I got this printed up now and put in the glove box.:thumbupleft:

Please be advised that the posting was for RT/SRT models and I am not
sure at 100% compatibility with SE models. I feel that much will be simular
but am not sure as to what exactly is not applicable to your chassis.

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