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Dodge Motorsports today revealed the Dodge Challenger as the “New Car” for the NASCAR Nationwide Series and announced an expansion of its partnership with Penske Racing beginning in 2010. Dodge will provide support for Penske Racing’s two-car operation in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, in addition to Penske’s three teams in ...

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I can real critical of Nascar since I have been watching it since about he 1st Daytona race they televised back in the 70's. Brian France has just about screwed Nascar out of being a everyday fans sport. Prices have gone sky high for tickets and now the cars look all the same.

but this car is the car that they should be racing for sure :thumbupleft:

this car is just bad ass looking. kicking butt just sitting there in this pic. Screw the aero package, make them run the front bumpers and noses that all came with stock and put the drving back in the drivers hands.

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go here for what the mustang actually looks like

i have been searching for better photos of the dodge but no luck yet, i wonder also just how long GM can keep some type of camaro out of the running.
if these things keep the stock car look then we could possibly get back to the win on sunday sell on monday type of deal we had SO LONG ago.

a little better but still not a real. 3/4 shot with no one in the way
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