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Changed my mind

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I was gonna buy an srt8 out here and the dealer said he was able to get it for me
A month goes by he still hasnt called me so i go down to the dealership like yo whats happening ? He said he had trouble locating one and didnt think i was serious
So i left a LARGE deposit
Another couple of weeks pass he calls me and says "I found one in black like you asked for with all options its on a truck" coming from blah blah blah right
It finally gets there and its an FN CHARGER WTF
So they give me my deposit back and I was truly discouraged because I called around with no luck
One day my girl called me and said she chased a car down that she saw going the opposite way (it was a challenger) read the paper license plate and got the
dealers name off it.
So i called him and he said he 3 coming on a truck 2 were spoken for but I could have the 3rd one (also black) He assured me it was the top-o-the-line it would arrive in 3 weeks so I left a small deposit this time($1000)2 weeks later I discovered the HURST cars and bought one from WOODHOUSE DODGE all the way in NE . I got it in 3 days and I still have to try and get my deposit back from dealer #2 . But I am so happy with my car that if I don't get it back OH WELL I'll chalk it to the game . Did I mention all the dealerships in my area were charging 12K over sticker . But I got a great deal at WOODHOUSE .The money I saved almost PAID for the HURST PACKAGE. Did I mention I love my car...
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For all the frustration you had to endure, it sure turned out good. That's a beauty, and is worth the wait.
$12,000 :eek: Would you think that is a California dilemma? That is absolutely frightening!!!
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