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OMG. These reporters, including the editor of MotorTrend, have their heads so far up the foreign brands asses it makes me sick.

"...the products on the showroom floor are the same stale cars and trucks from before..."
Even NEW Toyotas are stale. The Challenger won't ever be considered stale - it's a classic design. That's one thing Dodges never are, and Toyotas always are, boring, bland, and stale.

Motor Trend's Stone thinks "the best strategy for Dodge would still be to become an all-truck division."
And he gets paid for what he thinks? WTF?

Gary Fong, who heads the Chrysler brand, as well as handling sales for all of the Chrysler Group brands, told Automotive News he wants the Chrysler brand to reach toward the high-end luxury car market. He described the goal as "a notch above Cadillac, a notch above Lincoln."
Now we're talking.

"Chrysler did used to be an upscale brand, but that is so ancient history," said Michelle Krebs, a senior industry analyst with the automotive Web site
Right.... the 300 and 300C Executive Series is ancient history.... give me a f'n break.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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