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Chrysler's logistics suck

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I ordered my first Challenger, an '09 R/T 6-speed in white, on the day that the order banks opened for '09 ordering. It was built on the first day of production for 6-speeds. And it would have had my name on the window sticker. Except I never got it. It was diverted to someone else, presumably a Chrysler employee in MI.

Even though I own a 2006 Charger Daytona and love it, I made up my mind that I was done with Chrysler after getting the shaft like that and bought a Shelby GT500 Mustang. It was a very rare car, one of only 131 built with the red accent package.

Then Dodge announced the return of Plum Crazy, which is the color I wanted all along and was not available when I ordered my '09. So I sold the GT500 and ordered a PCP R/T on October 23rd. It's was built on 2/17 and I still don't have it. Now it's sitting in a yard in Toledo where it's been for over a week. I don't even have an ETA to the dealer.

Chrysler's logistics suck. Rant off.
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Sill waiting? Yeah, me too.

My car was built about 20 days after ordering, (5 days after yours) which is darn quick compared to many others. The following day it went to get the stripes. A day or so later it had a paper invoice. So in my view, Chrysler did well.

Now it's been sitting for nearly 3 weeks. I wonder how much of this wait is attributable to the shipping companies and/or dealer. It obviously would save somebody money if they hold onto it till there are enough other cars going to the same/close location. And I can't imagine anyone holding back on something that will get them paid.... unless they are saving a little by doing so.

And personally, I find it much more comforting knowing it's built and waiting on being shipped, then waiting for it to be built. :waiting:

At least yours has left Canada ;)
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