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Classic in texas

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New to Challenger life. GHOSTDANCE led the way here. I have a 2009 Challenger R/T Classic automatic - STONEWHITE. I live in Round Rock TX. Now to check out the site.
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Welcome. Can't wait to see some more pics.
Welcome to the forum! Beautiful car you have there. Isn't Round Rock in the Austin area?

Jack spooky can this be.....My dad a long time ago had some land in the Marble Falls area, near LBJ lake. this was back inthe 60's though. He sold the land after owning it for about 8 years. We had some friends that used to live there but when they retired they moved to San Antonio for medical reasons.
Hi!! Did Diane buy the bag for your HEAD YET????? :)

Seriously - this is one good man who knows the cars inside out!!!
Seriously - this is one good man who knows the cars inside out!!!
awesome , always good to have extra brains for picking.

It's fun seeing what everyone does to their cars and the new info we can get from each other. Maybe not "Ghost" cuz you can see right through him! HAHA. Gotcha back. :lol:
I bet your parents wished they had the land in Marble falls now as it is worth a mint. And Yes Round Rock is North of Austin. I have been an ASE Master certified technician for 33 years. I handle Lemon Law complaints for the Dept of Motor Vehicles in Austin. Love the job. Been doing these cases now for the last 19 years years. Out of the shop working but get back in when doing my job. Just don't have to get dirty anymore.
"I SAID BRAINS NOT NOSES"..................

pssssssst........just a hint..........FYI - THAT'S why Diane does not let him out of the house without his MITTENS tied on.......we just don't mention it!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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