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Converting Auxiliary Fog Lights to XENON - Easy Shmeezy

Those of you that know me accuse me of being a lighting freak - this is not true - I am just prepping in case I get into a headlight duel with a low flying 747 J
I am building a new front piece for Ghost based on a SRT8 front spoiler and wanted to put MORE Xenon lights in the air vents on the spoiler. The problem is - the ONLY 4.5 X 4.5 fog lights in xenon I could find were all European (which I do NOT have a problem with) and STARTED at around $80.00 PLUS shipping from Europe (which I have a HUGE problem with :)).
BUT - I used to be a 4X4 fan with a HUGE light rack (notice a trend here?) and had gone through this before
I did a search and found some cheap but nice 4.5 X 4.5 lights with GLASS lenses (important - Xenon can melt or deform thin plastic) for $8.95 including shipping - then I found some nice super white xenon bulbs for $9.99 including shipping
$19.00 sounded like a better deal than $100.00 plus
Pic 01 - the light itself
Pic 02 - the bulbs
Pic03 - the back of the light with the rubber boot removed - showing the back of the bulb with the ground wire
Pic04 - the ground wire screw holds the bulb in the light so once you remove the screw, you can pull it out
Pic05 - The original bulb next to the Xenon replacement
Pic06 - Xenon bulb inserted into housing and the rubber boot you have to pull the wires through
Pic07 - rubber boot reinstalled (a little silicon spray helps)
Pic08 - The completed Xenon 4.5X4.5's


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