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Cop Cars

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while we where at the Jasper show today, we where just relaxing in our chairs when we saw this pull up

this was there Dare car which is only an SE but with all the flashig lights ad whistles that go on it. It cuaght everyones eye, which is what it is suppose to do. It is mainly used for the kids and shows.

But we had a problem today....It seems that Jason Buda was bragging a little too much and boasting how bad his car was. The officer on duty took care of that situation with some pink cufflinks as you can see. He did not resist arrest.
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looks like you had a nice day for the show.
Funny as hell! It's my new wallpaper. :rofl:

looks like a fun event. :thumbupleft:
Hah! That'll teach him to try to snag my engine cover! Gotta love it.

To funny.........
Awsome car to promote DARE. And Inferno Red base color to boot. SWEET
First cop car I ever liked! MUST be the flames! But the eagle on the hood, would make any Texan proud, even the Colbert Nation would like this one!
Great pics Dave........

Whos going to bail me out LOL.......
I would like to get the light set up they have... anyone get it? :pullover:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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