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The planning for this cruise is in the final stages. Heartlandvideo has sent this to moparX2 and he has passed it along to the email list of Texas Challenger owners... but I thought I would give it a quick post here. So far we have 12 owners ready to get out and DRIVE. I hope others will join if they have the opportunity; details & video below... :waving:

Here's more information on the upcoming "Country Roads Tour":

This is a cruise for all Texas Challengers modeled after the recent Hill Country cruises.
It's a 165 mile loop on all 2 lane roads through the hilliest and curviest country I could find.

Sunday May 2nd. Drivers meeting at 9:45 am. Cruise begins at 10:00 am. Come early.

We'll meet up at Love's Truck Stop in Katy, Texas (just west of Houston).
It's at Exit 737 on I-10. We'll end up in Sealy.

How to participate:
Just show up! Please PM or email me direct ([email protected]) to
"register". We're just trying to get a rough idea of how many there might be.

What to bring:
The usual stuff you would carry for a 3 1/2 hour drive. Especially sunglasses.
The lead and trailing cars will be in contact by FRS radio, so if you have
any be sure to bring them and help us stay organized.
We will hand out printed maps of the route that morning.

Are there rest stops?:
Yes. We will be stopping about every hour. There will be rest rooms and
gas/supplies at each stop. The tour ends at Hinzes Barbeque in Sealy, so
bring money/credit card.

Here's a short video showing the types of roads we'll travel. Thanks to
RTSilverBeast for his assistance in making this video, and helping to make
this cruise happen:

We're just getting registration started, so here's the list so far of drivers:

R/T Silverbeast
Spring Sprcial B5
Mike V.

Let's DRIVE!

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Hey guys...

Just wanted to give an update of the success and fun we had today. We wish all you guys could have made it. We had 18 cars for the cruise and great time was had by all. Only 1 close call with Johnny Law and I got out of that one with just a warning :doh:

A nice turnout from the Houston area and the state, as well. We had guys from Austin and Fort Worth as well as Lake Jackson. Texas Challengers ruling the roads!!!!:dance: We even had a Classic running with us; a '71 R/T DY; very nice!!!

Here are a few pics...

Additional pics... Roads Tour 2010-05-02/

Hope to see some of you guys on the next one!!! :waving:

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WOW!!!! do I see a black one with blue stripes?!!!:bigwow:a rare on indeed. glad it was a success for you guys. Hopefully some of us next door can make one in the future if it isnt too far.

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Looks like a great time.

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Looks like y'all had a GREAT time! Hats off to Ken for all his hard work to set these up. It really is the BEST way to enjoy the cars, and the responce after of new owners like Hessar," I didn't know my car would DO that" has been the reward to every cruise I've ever been on! Moding and shows are fun, but can't compare to the thrill of driving these cars on our sweet twisting Texas roads! If everyone else knew how much fun it is to own/drive these cars down here, they'd all be moving here! Ohh crap, secrets out!
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