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criminal act

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OK I was watching a show on TV with the wife. "Mercy" is the name. There is a not so nice doctor on the show that drives a Tor Red Challenger. Seems he pissed off a nurse and this is how she took care of him. I told the wife to go back, I needed to snap a pic...The nurse picked up a cinder block and tossed it through the doctor's windshield.:;:)


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Oh hell no!

I was flipping through the channels and caught the Challenger earlier in the show... I almost took a pic to use as my Challenger A Day post. :think:

Glad I didn't stay on that channel... :cussing::steamingears:
holy crap. I didnt know they did that to the car. I had seen it while my wife was fixin supper and I told her to watch. :D

that show and NCIS LA with LLCool J driving his Challenger SRT. :thumbupleft:
Why couldn't they have used a Camaro like they did in the Vanishing Point movie? :neener:

It is all about the ratings, besides, we wouldn't be watching the show if they usd a Camaro, would we?
first night of the NCIS LA. episode they shot the windshield out of the Challenger. :;:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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