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Cutoffs for membership levels?

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Can't quite tell (1) how many posts I've got, and (2) what the cutoffs are to get from "SE Level member" to (I assume) "R/T Level member" and finally to (again, I assume) "SRT Level member."
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I only ask about the post count figuring it was how you got out of being an SE Level member. Nothing against the SE, but I wanta be an SRT! :D

And finally, I see you found the answer to becoming an SRT Level Supporter. Thanks. It's members like you that "give back" to the community that ensure this forum will thrive and grow bigger and better over time. Your donation is used to cover costs, print and ship cards to any members asking for them - at no cost to the member - and a little Google advertising.
You are most welcome. :) Where does one get these cards of which you speak? :D
Paul - glad to see the SRT supporter!! :thumbupleft:

You need to hand those cards out in Colorado - but PLEASE remember - this forum is for QUALITY not QUANTITY - PLEASE give the invite cards ONLY to people you feel would fit in
Goes without sayin. I know the rules. :readthemanual: :D
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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