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Diamond in the Rough

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Making delivery rounds to the shops the other day and found out one of the mechanics at K&I tire was looking into buy a Plymouth Road Runner. He found a 73 RR locally on the internet.

I got a look at it today.
1973 with a 318. the original engine was a 440. He plans on putting a 440 back in it.
the interior is immaculate. I could not believe the condition of the seats. carpet was dirty but a good shampooing will do it just right.
Rallye wheels

and now , the price............. could not believe what he paid.

$4500 yup, you heard me right $4500

The mechanic is a Mopar man, he lived in New Orleans for a long time and he was a Mopar mechanic for Chrysler.

I am sure he will do it justice and now here is a pic of the car. :thumbupleft:

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updated pic, the guys who owns this has now installed a new gas tank and sending unit, rebuilt the carb and tuned it., Firestone Indy 500 tires. and a little wipe down job to boot.

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Like the rallye wheels. I hope he ends up with the correct striping when it's all said and done.

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