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Dodge 3.5L V6 Catch Can Install

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ok guys here is what I found on a Dodge Magnum forum. this will EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!!! ;)

The "wrong" yet perfectly functional way
Step 1: Open the package to release the all mightily BT power that is the catch can.

Step 2: Throw out the instructions!
Haha ok, I admittedly read through the instructions once but they made no sense at first glance and the one picture supplied was dark and muddy so I set them aside. After I did the install MY way I re-read the BT instructions and they made more sense than before not to mention their method sounds easier than what I did.

So here is how I did the install, skip to the third post for the BT installation method.

Step 3: Connect the supplied hoses with the supplied brass fitting.
(I should have known something was wrong at this point since one length of hose was too long and one too small . . . my logic was to use the supplied brass fitting to make one long hose and cut it to the necessary lengths.)

Step 4: Connect hose to the PCV valve on the engine.
This is located on the left side of the engine buried under the plenum. It is a very tight fit and I temporarily removed the thing-a-ma-jig to make more room for my hand. The thing-a-ma-jig simply pulls off its mounting post and can be pushed aside will all hoses/wires attached.

Yellow arrow: Pull up to remove thing-a-ma-jig
Red Arrow: Location of PCV tube, refer to next photo

PCV tube at engine

Step 5: Mount the BT catch can.
The mounting location is on the strut brace by the throttle body. There is a little pocket there as if the catch can was meant to be a stock item. Slide the arm of the catch can into the pocket and use the supplied (3/16 hex head) screw to fasten it from below.

Step 6: Cut hose to length and attach
Pull the hose you installed in Step 4 up to the brass elbow on the left side of the catch can (or right side it doesn’t matter) cut to length and slide it onto the fitting. Be careful here as there is little hose to spare. I ended up cutting 15” off the end.

Step 7: Connect second hose
Using the off cut from the step above connect it to the PCV valve on the plenum (third hose from the throttle body.) The other end connects to the right elbow of the can. Lastly, pull out the stock PCV tube (which should be disconnected at both ends by now) and you are done.

PCV tube at plenum

Ok, now that I have wasted my time (and yours) explaining how to do the install the “wrong way” here is how to do it as BT describes in the instructions.

Step 1: Mount the catch can per “Step 5” above.

Step 2: Disconnect the PCV tube at the plenum (shown in “Step 7” above.) Now use the supplied straight brass fitting to connect one of the supplied hoses to the stock PCV hose. Connect the other end to one side of the catch can.

Step 3: Use the other supplied hose to connect the other side of the catch can to the PCV valve at the plenum (the location of the tube you just removed in Step 2)

Complete: 15 minutes tops! Yeah, by doing this you don’t even have to access the tight space where the PCV line connects at the engine. Doh!

The finished view of the Catch can install.
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So the moral is they send WAY too much hose? Great write up and pictures David. Let us know how much it catches, blood in hoses from scapping your big hands doesn't count! ( JK bro, it COUNTS)!
Rep points for the great write-up. :clap:
Looks like it was a bit harder to install compared to the one on my ride, Looks nice though....:thumbupleft:
Good write-up Dave, looks like a tough install. Good news is, the Diablo practically installs itself and your hands stay clean and cut free! :rofl:

Rep points for the great write-up. :clap:
Thanks Dave, I tried to do that, but this iPhone won't give rep points ( or I haven't figured out how)!
thanks guys, I have an updated install photo on my original post about getting BD present. and no knuckles were busted in the process. :bigthumbsup:
Thanks Dave, I tried to do that, but this iPhone won't give rep points ( or I haven't figured out how)!
Click on
at the top right of the post.
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Hey Intimidator,

Sorry to bring this post back from the dead lol.

I just bought a catch can from BT (Billet Technology), but for some reason, mine looks different from yours? I wanted to use your install method since it looks really clean and those hoses stay hidden, but I don't think I can install this guy in that same spot. Do you know of a good spot that'll work for me? Or am I better off asking for a replacement? Maybe they can still send me the one you've got.

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YEA, I am not sure on that , I assume you have the 3.5 but the 3.6 is really no different. mine just had a tap that slid up into that spot and used a bolt from underneath to lock it down. looks like you got a v-8 can and bracket with that.
Yeah I have the 3.5L engine. Your catch can bracket doesn't look like mine, right?

Could you take a photo of the bracket on your catch can next time you've got the hood open? I want to show it to Billet so they can send me the appropriate one. They're under the impression that I've got the right one lol.
wish I could. I traded this off back in 2011 for the RT you see pictured in my avatar. you more than happy to save the image to show them that there is here on the forum.
Hey Intimidator,

Does this look like the bracket you had on your old catch can? I got them to send me this one

Gas Font Electric blue Rectangle Cylinder
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yep, that pretty much looks like the one. can that bracket be turned upside down? i want to say mine was that way, but it may work like the one inthe pic
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