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Dodge Salesman have no clue

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I drove by Mark Dodge today and took some pics as you can see them inthe challenger a day post. Once I pulled into the lot my car had all eyes on it, salesman eyes. #1 they couldnt beleive what they were seeing #2 they were trying to figure out what car I had because they didn't have one on their lot!!!

they kept asking me if it was a down badged RT.LMAO!!!!:rofl: none of them know what modding is either.:rofl: they couldnt beleive that mine was an SE with dual exhaust and couldnt figure out how I did that. they said yo got a what exhaust?? Plus I had them thinking about my hood badges of course mine has the 3.5L badge along with the Hemi badge. Had them thinking on that one. I know this will spark some debate but lets save that for another post ok? I finally did get one thinking though. :cool:

but all in all, these guys had no clue what this car is about, or even the history of the car, thank god I didnt open the hood, my six pack cover would have blown their mind then. :tease:
this is one reason why you dont see many on the road and see alot still at the dealer. All they are looking at is the $$$$ signs that they can make off of selling one of these.

they couldn't figure out the S/E style badge I had in the grille and on the side of the fender. they still kept thinking it was an R/T. in the long run they loved the stipe package I had on it and quite a few of them said that it was the best looking one they had seen yet.:thumbupleft:

again as I left the dealership all eyes were on my car:rockout:
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what they need is ----here's yer sign :imwithstupid:
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