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Don't wish to brag...

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like Heck I don't. My R/T made another great showing again today in a
some-what small Raisin Day parade, carnival & car show in a town not too far from where I live. :dance:I got first place in the MUSCLE car group:rockout:.
People, especially the younger generation:waving: & the Baby Boomers:eek:ldtimer:. And all inbetweeners can't get enough of it. It was VERY muggy today; the kind of humidity I haven't felt since I moved to California from N.Y in '77. 90% day with 75% humidity. It SUXED. I don't miss it one bit.

Anyway, to get back on track; this car is being very well accepted by many that you wouldn't think would be interested. All the thumbs up:thumbupright: from the crowd and everyone yelling, "lite'em up':layrubber:. Too many kids along the parade route with the drivers throwing candy out of the windows. It wasn't worth the risk. This show had a "crackler" event where anyone who wished could line up on the city street, uncap the headers, and SMOKE EM:bouncyredfire:. What a blast. No, I didn't participate. I have other mods I want to make before I need new tires.
FUN DAY, again.
BCHN HME:nutkick:
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Congratulations on the win!
Seems like a fun day!
It's always fun to sit back with a cold drink and watch people looking at our Challengers. Hard to believe after over a year of ownership, some people are just getting their chance to see one in person. Congrats on your win, keep enjoying the rock star status:rockout:

Congrats on the win.
So when are you going to upload some pics to your garage? :D
WTG!!! :bigthumbsup:

won my first one this weekend also. Once you win your first one, it can be addictive. :bigthinking: getting ready for the next one.
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