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Don't you just love the feeling?

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When you help someone out in need? Today on my way home from school, I spotted a black Lexus LS 450. He pulled over into the grass to look at prices on some sheds near an intersection I was at. (its been raining all week, not a good idea) He was trying to get out, but his tires were spinning and he wasn't really moving.
So when my light turned green, I turned into a small business by where he was stuck.

After I went to help more people showed up; cops, hummer, silverado, and a kid from my school.
The kid from my school and I pushed the lexus forward and almost out of the mud, but it wasn't enough. About that time the cops, hummer, and silverado showed up. The hummer guy had some straps but couldn't find anywhere to strap it to the car w/o the worry of breaking something, so he left.

So I looked back over the car to see what tires are in mud and how much mud. Only the right rear tire was in the water/mud, but the left had spun so much it made that side a bit muddy also. I notice that before the mud it is pretty dry, so if he puts it in reverse and we push, we might be able to push it out. (by this time the cops already asked if he'd like a wrecker and he agreed)

They didn't know for sure if my idea would work, and thought it might make it worse. I was pretty confident that it would work, so I talked to the guy and explained if we were able to get enough momentum, we should be able to push him through it. Whats the worst that could happen, I mean the tow truck will be able to get it either way?
So we try it, and low and behold it comes out smoothly! The guy gets back onto the road and offers money but we turn it down. :thumbupright:

So that is my good deed of the holiday season/day! hah
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