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Drag race - SRT vs R/T vs SE

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Id love to get a chance to race a stock SRT in a drag race!
well there is always Mikes Spring Special....hehehe :D
well there is always Mikes Spring Special....hehehe :D
If he gets some drag radials, then its on!!
hey , it got you to respond.... you keep hiding ..:shhh:
oh dave that wasn't nice
Mike, you hear about the new 6.4L that should be coming out in the 2011 models? People think Sublime is up next on the colors :thumbupleft:
oh dave that wasn't nice
you still have a dam good looking SRT bro,
I would just love to have it sitting in my driveway, no need for speed there.
Chris from all that I have read , 2010 is the last year for the 6.1 in SRT-8. Sublime is nxt up fpr Spring Special in 2011. And Dave oh Dave in 2011 all SE will get 5.7 R/T to get 6.1 and SRT 6.4. HA Ha here's your chance to step up and sit on the porch with the rest of the big dogs.. 6 speeds will rule just give my little SRT time
if you need someone to break it in for ya mike... I am your man.:rockout:
I'm just happy to have a first year R/T and an early one at that.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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