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First - you want to do this AFTER spraying your color coat and BEFORE spraying your clear

Photo #01 - The cover and the strut tower caps painted with base color

Photo #02 - I prefer 3M tapes but any tape will do - The fins on the cover take a single color 1/4 tape perfectly. If you want to overlay two different colors - I recommend using the main contrast color (white here) in the 1/4 width and the complimentary contrast color in a 1/8 width

Photo #03 - shows the White down and how the yellow overlays it **IMPORTANT** the natural inclination is to PRESS DOWN the ends of the tape while running the line - DO NOT DO THIS!! - THE PLASTIC THAT THE COVER IS MADE OF IS NOT A REAL GOOD PAINT BASE - if you push the tape end down hard and cut to length - YOU WILL PULL THE PAINT UP WITH THE TAPE!!! Instead rub the tape down about an inch from the end - LIGHTLY tap the cut area down - cut and THEN firmly press down ends. This picture shows the front of the two tapes cut and firmed and the other end waiting to be done

Photo #04 - shows the yellow overlay going on

Photo #05 - both sides done

Good Luck - it is NOT that hard to do and is a GREAT addition :)


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