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First ticket EVER!!!

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Got my first ticket ever 2 days ago. 71 in a 55 headed to Alexandria for Leesville......:(

Even though I got a ticket at least I was in my Challenger.....:pullover:
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well that stinks, what kind of fine is that?
dang, trick506, got to watch your ass around this area for sure. I passed by where you live the other day when I was out delivering for AutoZone.

the Hot spots are New Llano, Anacoco. and anything north of there into Sabine Parish. I live in Rosepine and you need to watch it there too.
Was it a state boy? Those are as hard to get out of as a civilian getting ticketed on post. Don't ask how I know.:shhh:

I got stopped by a vette state patroller doing 95 in a 70 but I was in a lincoln V8 truck he found me good
i've had about 9 tickets... lol... the majority concentrated around the 16-19 years old time. also smashed my car into the site a state trooper. that was an enjoyable experience. my insurance company loves me now. i think my record will finally clear off later this year. whoop!
no tickets yet(knock on wood) and havent been stopped, but I do get looked at more than usual.:tease:
I made it bout four whole months last year, before my first ticket in this car! Sitting in DDC is enough punishment! Kids complained on cruise to/ back from Temple last month I drove too slow, told em they didn't have to follow me, take those red cars and go! Didn't happen, haha! I'm first one to posted(+1%) speed EVERY time now tho!
yeah I think the last time I actually got stopped I didnt know it was a cop car cause all they drive is undercovers around here and the cop was riding my ass so i hit the gas and he hit his lights but that was 2 years ago I have been a good boy in the challenger so far but I got lucky the last time. I was coming off an exit doing 80 and the cop was strolling along the access but I hit the brakes before he got his speed gun out and he just scowlled at me!
I got stopped on I35 - got out laughing - told officer -It is a beautiful day and it's a NEW CAR!!! - he let me go :)
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