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Future law enforcement officer?

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18-year-old student faces weapons charge

Las Cruces Sun-News
Posted: 11/30/2009 12:00:00 AM MST

LAS CRUCES -- A New Mexico State University student from El Paso faces a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm after he was allegedly found with a handgun on campus.

Woodrow Wilson Bean IV was cited Nov. 20 after a campus officer stopped him for doing donuts in his silver 2009 Dodge Challenger in a parking lot, according to police reports. The officer saw a .45-caliber gun sticking out from under the driver's seat.

Bean, an 18-year-old criminal justice major, was cited and released. He is scheduled to be arraigned this week.
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I can see this guy being a drop-out or career college guy, the kind that keeps changing majors and ends up without even a bachelor's degree after 8 years.

Nah, he probably found a judge to expunge his record and is now one of El Paso's "finest."
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