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Great video on the history of Dodge. Interesting fact is the Dodge pickup that was the fastest U.S. production vehicle, even beating the Corvette, in 1978.

It’s a big year for us and as 2011 marches along, comes a new opportunity to show the world exactly what Dodge has to offer. Our new line up of vehicles come packed with power, style, technology and genuine automotive soul. We’re swinging for the fences this year with all-new products designed to make the world sit up and take notice. Dodge has a long and storied history of innovation, and the pioneering spirit is a treasured trait that was handed down from our founders, John and Horace Dodge.

Born in Niles, Michigan, John and Horace displayed extraordinary mechanical aptitude at an early age. They moved to Windsor, Ontario Canada and began making bicycles. This honed their skills even more and eventually they transitioned to making intricate parts for the infant automotive industry of the early 1900s. They opened a shop in Detroit and their reputation of skilled craftsmen who built high-quality components got the attention of Henry Ford. The Dodge Brothers supplied Ford a myriad of parts for the Model T including engines. However, the entrepreneurial and rebellious nature of the Dodge Brothers eventually led them to start their own car company. On July 17, 1914, the automotive firm of the Dodge Brothers, Inc. was formed. The Dodge Brothers name was so established and its reputation of building quality products was so solid, nearly 22,000 firms applied for a dealership before the first Dodge vehicle rolled off the assembly line. In celebrating our illustrious heritage, we’ve worked up a quick video of our grand history as a reminder of all that we’ve accomplished in the past, and all that we’re capable of in the future.

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