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Green Dodge/Chevrolet

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Green Dodge/Chevrolet now only have 4 Challengers left, they have sold the torred base RT and 2 SE's.

here are the pics of the sticker price off of the base RT and the SE's

no markup by the dealer on this. Infact I was told by my salesman that I could have had the base Torred RT at $31,000

The SE's are a tad high but that is because they both have sunroofs and Nav radio with sirius.

They still have the B5 Blue classic RT at $39,000

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They are selling that SE at the price we bought my R/T! Its got about every option available though
Don't forget there is about a 2k increase over our 2009 models vs the 2010. I know some of those were in fact 2009's, so I can't explain why that base R/T was over 30k when the one at M&M was just under 29K. I did kinda beat them up on mine though, I got out away for 32800 for VUDU.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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