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Happy new year

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Happy New Year Everyone:thumbupleft: i'm out until tomorrow sometime
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:bighappynewyear:Happy New Year!
I am going to be sitting here watching football and sipping a cold one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :drinkingbuddies: :happynewyear: :bighappynewyear: :bigdrinking: :bigcheers:
The wife, a friend of hers and I are headed to my niece's for fried catfish and libation. I'm the DD. Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year. Some of you I will see on the 2nd.

From the new guy...

:drinkingbuddies:Happy New Year to all my new friends......

May all of us be blessed with Health and wealth and lots of great Mod's for the New Year. Lets all be safe and not drink to much:puke:
Heres to the new year, new friends, new miles, more smiles, old friends to see again, more mods, and a little closer to getting the title to this awesome Lil'( well not so little) car! C U in the real world this year, Sicki! ( Mark an Jerri )
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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