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Has anyone else seen the new Diablosport tuner?

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This thing looks so cool! :cool: It looks like an iPhone, I saw it advertised in Mopar Muscle. I'd love to get it because it's going to be much more capable than their other tuners and I haven't purchased a tuner for my car yet but I know this thing is gonna be expensive... It's either I save up for the Intune tuner or even better I snag a Predator at a ridiculously low price.
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It's cool right? I think it looks like an ipod touch or something. One of the features is that you only have to buy one tuner now and just buy the software license for each vehicle you own instead of having a tuner for each one. Thx for posting that pic, it makes this thread make a whole lot more sense lol
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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