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Hellcat A8 mid mufflers

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Selling a set of mid mufflers that came off my 19 Hellcat with 982 miles. 150 shipped FedEx CONUS.

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What did you replace them with? Straight Pipes? What brand and where did you purchase them if you don't mind me asking?
Straight pipe to factory resonator

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Straight pipe to factory resonator

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If you don;t mind me asking where did you get the straight pipes or did you have them custom made?
probably had them made, mine actually had straight pipes on it when I bought it back in 2011, previous owner in Jersey had it down, even though it sounded pretty dam good, I had to be in good graces with the cops in my area, so I had magnaflows put on , before I went he solo performance exhaust
I was thinking about putting a Borla ATAK exhaust on my 2016 R/T Plus. If I do I think I'm not going to eliminate the resonators. I don't want the cops pulling me over.
you keep the resonators on you wont be able to tell the difference, resonators were the first things would delete. I did that on my 2009 SE 3.4L and it sounded great with magnaflows.. before we deleted the reso, you couldn't tell the difference
How much louder do you think the 5.7 Liter would be with a Borla ATAK exhaust and no resonators over stock system?
probably would have a good sound with those, loud enough to piss off the neighbors but still sound good.
Yeah, really don't want to piss off my neighbors, but then they tend to block the street when they have parties and everybody is parking on a street that isn't big enough to park on. Then I get blocked in my driveway and can't get out. Maybe I will put the Borla ATAK on it with no resonators and then start it up then next time they block my driveway. Might have to put a bigger cam in it too. LOL!!!!!!
I hate my neighbors and people in general! LOL! Rather be in the company of my two cats! :)
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Anyone else anti-social? I've always been a loner. It drive my wife insane.
lol...... i can see why you dont like facebook. but....thats where all the car guys are at, I am probably a member of about a dozen challenger and dodge groups.
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