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Hello all from McKinney, Texas

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Hello all,
Were Glenn & Lisa B. :drinkingbuddies:
Were from the North Dallas area, in a town called McKinney.
Changed to a new name here, were with other clubs with screen name :rockout:09SEG1Kover

Shout out to Sicker Bee for the this new club, Thanks Mark:clap:

When we going to meet and greet again.
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Greetings neighbor!!! Just a few hundred miles from ya.

Welcome to the new life. :clap:
Welcome Glen and Lisa! Nice forum we have here, it looks like Texas is coming on strong to rival the Louisiana Challengers LOL. Hope to meet up with you guys and gals some day.

Glad u could join us and add another site to all the ones u allready keep up with! U know Texas allways competes with the other states! And thats an idea Jax maybe with all this advance planning we're gonna be doing, we can get the LA and TX Challengers together once this year, cool! 2010 is gonna be THE Challenger year, woohoo!
HOWDEEEEEEEEE (from San Antone) :eek:ldtimer:
HOWDEEEEEEEEE (from San Antone) :eek:ldtimer:
Howdy Ghostdance, from the North part of our great state.

Love them head light and fogs in your profile pic. You run 8k's or what?
Hey Dude - how ya doin?

I run German Xenon diodes for heads 10000K / 60-60 white-amber LED towers for turn signals / 8000K Xenies for fogs

noticed you're runnin with the B (Nortex) will chart spring run in Killeen so shoud see ya
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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