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Hello from BC

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Hi my name is Rob. I bought a 2009 Challenger SXT in May '09. It is brilliant black. I am slowly adding bits & pieces to it. So far the usual stuff: fuel door, sill guards, pedal kit, rear lip spoiler, tinted glass etc. I've also added a T-shifter, nose badge, flat black mesh grille with Challenger script emblem. I bought a Big Bully CAI but have to install it. Waiting for a dry day. I've ordered a dual exhaust rear valance so I can put on a dual exhaust when I can afford it.

Thanks for letting me say hi and I look forward to sharing Challenger knowledge with all of you. Cheers.
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WELCOME!!! :rockout:Glad to see another northerner join on in. Look forward to seeing pics in your garage when you get them loaded up. :thumbupleft:
welcome and hope you enjoy your time here
:clap: glad to have you aboard. great group of people here.. just keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. :rofl:
welcome to the site,

Welcome Route9!
Welcome to the forum! You can procure a used R/T exhaust system for your car with minimal installation hassle. Mr. Intimidator here has this mod on his SE.

WHAT BANANA????? .................... WYD??:guitar:WYD???

Welcome Route9 from an SE in Texas!!! Remember - after putting on your cai, disconnect battery for at least a minute - then reconnect - it will reset your computer for the intake

dual exhaust: one Jones Exhaust Full Boar muffler (summit racing) 59.00 / one Magnaflow MOLDED "Y" pipe (summit) 27.00 / two rectangle chrome tips (summit) 25.00 / 80.00 parts and labor muffler shop = less than 200.00
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

I was looking at my CAI (a Big Bully) this weekend contemplating installing it but something about it was bugging me. Then I realized that a part is missing - the elbow grommet to attach the crank case vent hose to the CAI tube. Didn't get one in my package of materials. I've contacted Big Bully for further action. So thanks for the tip Ghostdance re: battery. And thank you for the exhaust suggestions. I'm gonna check into that!
Welcome to the forum, from another Texan and black SE!
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