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Hello from Killeen

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Hello all. I'm Big Mike. Mr.Ghost invited me into your small group and I'm excited to be here. I'm by far not a car expert... just love the Challenger. My job will keep me running around the US, but I always have my computer with me... just ask Ghost lol... so I will check these forums daily.
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Welcome Mike! Great looking driveway you have there!:thumbupleft:

Welcome Big Mike. Post some pics in an album when you have a chance. :thumbupleft:
Welcome to the site! X2 on posting some pics for us!
WELCOME !! And watch out for Ghost's pets :bananadance::tux::wrench::guitar::ninja::dreads::angel::blonde:
Hey Big Mike what are the chances I meet you again? :rolleyes:
I have the pics on a thumbdrive....if u want I'll drop by so u can get em. On ______________ I posted a link to to photobucket...speaking of which.. I should do that here... I need a coffee.420 am, what am I doing up :?:

Link to photbucket from Mac Haik show. Don't kill em, I have a cheap camera :
Welcome Big Mike. Post some pics in an album when you have a chance. :thumbupleft:

Right now I'm 100% stock.....minus window tint atm. Waiting on taxreturns for my stripes and Billet Technology to finish my badge. So as soon as I get these in I'll start tracking my mod upgrades with pics. I do have a Word Doc with pics on all my mods I am getting... but where would the suprise be if I showed everyone now. ;)

Only mods the Charger has is some asshat keyed the back of it...still ticks me off. I think I lost the Charger to the wife too/sigh.
Welcome to the forum, glad Ghosty got u here! It really is a great bunch of folks here! I know your gonna like it here, enjoy! Mark
unlike other sites there is no need to be an expert
or even pretend to be one.
we are all here to help each other out.
Yeah, thats what Ghost was saying, thanks. Where in NE you from 2B3LJ? I'm a Masshole myself, from north of Boston.., Reading actually. I currently live in Tx where I got out of the military but I'm ALWAYS trying to get back there.
Welcome welcome welcome :thumbupleft:
Mikey - My MAN!!!

how's Brooklyn?????

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