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Holiday Meals

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I hope all of you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Stuffed yourselves with some good food like turkey, cornbread dressing, green beans, etc. I sure would of liked to got in on some of it. At least I'll get a good Christmas dinner. I got a few snap shots of what we had over hear in Saudi. It was more for the muslim holiday called Eid. Hope you got a strong stomach. :puke:
All of the galley staff is from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka....
Just to give you guys thats never been outside the states an idea of how good the food is back home.


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you mean to tell me your boss's couldnt ship you in a couple of birds
to have for thanksgiving dinner?
If you look close in the pic with the cooks you will see one on the table. For the American guys. But the main items was the goat. I forgot the pic of the fish they had.


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I know you are looking forward to some good ol Dry Creek cooking when you get home. :thumbupleft:

so much for the red beans and rice huh?
thats a turkey? what did it feed 3 of ya? LOL
Good home cooking! Yea, nothing like it. But I normally don't have to wait until I get home. Once off the rig, We go to Bahrain, (neighboring country) to catch flight home. Ussally in hotel for 5-6 hours.
They have realy great cold Coors Light.

Yea that was a turkey. Supriseingly there was left overs.
thats a turkey? what did it feed 3 of ya? LOL
someone needs to show them how to deep fry a turkey...:think:
I would have to at least give it a try.Unless it's rancid of course.

We will definately put it in the works for next year. We are not set up to deep fry one now.
My spelling sux!!!!
My spelling sux!!!!
Use Firefox, it spell checks as you type. ;)
That fish looks yummy. All you need is toast to dip into its eyes.
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