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HOLY SH-T!!! Are these GORGEOUS or WHAT!!!!

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these are the centers John at BilletTechnologies put together for GHOST
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WOW!!! they came out excellent but where the HELL is the dancing BANANA!!!!!
I think the Banana is out looking for STONEWHITE R/T - he missed him in Temple and there is no bigger pain in the rear than a whining banana!

by the way - EACH center on each rim is DIFFERENT!! army/navy/air force/marine

I am sheer amazed how pretty they are - should have them by Friday :p
i remember you telling me about them but YEAH i have to agree
they really came out just amazing.
Look who i found:rock::rock:
wow!! very nice indeed. what did those things set you back?
This is a post to late to use the pointy up arrows so ^^^X2; Yes he is, like a BAD dream, just keeps coming back, LOL! Those are some sweet caps brother, I'll have to bring my dang reading/working/seeing my hands glasses next time, what a pain!
John and Heidi donated the centers because of the hospital runs - talked to them yesterday - they are joining us here to have a place to hang out in - Heidi uses "Newtie" and I am not sure what handle John and Scott and Chris will use

ps - they have the jig set up for making the centers now - they should not be that expensive (over the normal cost of the centers - the coin in the center is one of mine

ps so THAT"S where the banana is!!! Ever since he bought that Vespa Scooter - the little sucker is MOBILE!!! :D
Well it will be great to have them join the family here! They are one of the very few I know, that not only have great products/customer service but they also respond to requests for new products, like the new dashtags, extremely fast! Don't know very many owners who don't have one of their products on their cars now. Ps, where is the banana getting his gas money from?

HAPPY HAPPY!!! :wrench:JOY JOY!!!
Hey Ghost,
Im your long lost son....... We met in Temple...... Im PartyCoveCaptain ,
your son....... Im 6 ft 6 plus inches like you..... You have to help your long lost "new son" out with new mods for Se~xy ( the bad ass Inferno Red Chally)........
I remember you :)

my mods - the next two weeks - SRT8 spoiler with lights and retractable front lic plate - install new Newport Burl trim - install LED in engine compartment
- waiting on THREE different engine covers to cut and splice for a unique GHOST cover

HEY - remember my engine cover and everybody GHOST thought was a 5.7?? I am selling it for 30.00 (here - 50.00 elswhere) + shipping - take a look in the "swap meet"

You could pick that up - add a 12.00 catch can - paint all pieces (plus strut tower covers) - and have a custom engine compartment for less than 100.00 ;)
Very sweet! They do excellent work.
just waiting on army coin


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those are pretty dang cool. :thumbupleft:
the FINAL coin!! :D


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:thumbupleft: :thumbupleft: :thumbupleft:
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