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Horrible looking Challenger IMO

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And I'm even retired USAF. Holy cow...:puke:
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That's the Air Force Vapor. Some angles don't look so great for sure, I would still park it in my garage.

Meh, not to shoot ya down, but while I think it's a bit over the top it's still kinda cool in it's own way. If they did it without the stupid gull wing doors and a bit less glued on crap I'd be more ok with it. At least it's not all pimped out like I've seen a few show cars, and I kinda like the interior. To each his own I guess.
I saw that a while back and i personally think that that car is BA. Have you seen all of the things it can do?
It can nauseate my stomach does that count for anything. :puke:
Maybe we can make the Taliban look at it and make em all sick. :D
I wouldn't get it for sure, but if that person likes it, I guess that's all that matters. to each his/her own.

I wonder what a Bradley one would look like . . . .hummm :readthemanual:
I have NEVER seen a widebody kit that I have liked. Has anyone seen the 200 mph plus challenger going against the Inzo Farrari. That is how it should be done!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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